Welcome to TRACC4Movements Healer Network

Join Our Community of Healers Motivated Towards Supporting Care for Trauma in Social Movements!

About the Healer Network


TRACC4Movements' Healer Network is a community-building space for healing care providers who are invested in being trained and equipped to respond to crisis and care on the frontlines and backlines of social movements. Whether you are someone who is wanting and willing to show up at the physical frontlines of movement trauma (in a rapid mobilization capacity) or want to support movements and organizers in your community in a back-lines and day-to-day care way we want to connect with you and have you as part of our healing care provider network! 

We need all of us, together, to be able to provide the healing support that is needed in our hurting communities and movements. There is work and space for the roles of many people, from many healing care backgrounds, and with all levels of interest in engagement. 

We want to build a space for healers willing to engage and grow in community so that all of us can be the best trained, equipped and prepared to respond to the needs in our communities, together.  

If you are interested in joining us as part of theTRACC4Movements Healer Network as a care provider or someone willing to support the work of healing care in communities please join us now!

What this network community space is for....

This is a space for all who are invested in healing in social movements, especially those looking to build and grow in community with others, and those who are engaging this work for the first time or exploring ways to support healing in the movements where you already exist and invest. In this network space you will find:

  • Community Healer Circles based on affinity or geographic location to connect and be in conversation with others. 
  • Invitations & Access to TRACC & Healer Network Events including our bi-monthly Healer Community Circles.
  • Network Member Workshops and Community Offerings.
  • Private group space for students and teachers in our Movement Trauma Training Program. 
  • Community crowdsourcing for resources and referrals for care needed in different regions of the USA and globally.
  • Space to engage conversations based on topic areas of interest in healing including: uprising, decolonizing, healer healing, resources, referrals for care, and more. 
  • And much, much more!

Network Mapping & Visioning

We have a vision at TRACC for how we - as an interconnected and interdependent community of healers and caregivers towards healing in movement - can connect and build community locally, regionally and nationally. See the map below for a small sketch (based on current network membership and geographic landscape) of how the network can connect and build where they are and with others around the country and the world.